El Stray Mastering

Mixing and mastering professional, with years of experience.

Online Stereo Mastering

The final stage of the production process. Get your tracks balanced by a trained ear, then up to the required loudness levels to rival commercial releases.

Vinyl Mastering

Vinyl mastering is similar to Stereo mastering, but requires a cut to harsh sibilance and big, wide bass. El Stray can help you achieve the best sound from your physical vinyl releases.

Mastered for Spotify & Streaming

Guarantee that your track stands out with excellent dynamics – fully optimised for the best possible sound across Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, Apple Music and more.

Full Professional Track Mixdowns

If you don’t have a proper listening room, or the knowhow, get your individual track elements mixed by a pro to ensure top tier clarity, punch and loudness without sacrificing dynamics.

We use only mastering grade equipment on your music.

Full range Dutch & Dutch mastering monitors and Prism Sound ADAs.

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Recent Testimonials

“…a key crucial component in the success of our music. We can’t recommend him enough!”

“Done an amazing job mixing my music and always understands the sound I want to achieve. Would recommend to anyone!”

Jack Selecta Testimonial Picture

“My UK Garage EP was given a radioactive BLAST… Thought my mixdowns were good but left gobsmacked with the clarity and bass! The best UKG mastering engineer hands down.”

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Export Guidelines

Discover the best method to export your tracks for mixing or mastering

Mastering 101

Learn about the importance of Mastering

Ordering FAQ

How the process works, T&Cs and other useful bits

Stray Cat Mastering Logo

El Stray is an experienced and established mix and mastering engineer based in London, UK.

Underground, dance and indie music mixing and mastering specialist.

Having mastered for many artists over the last 6+ years, across a huge range of genres including (but not limited to) UK Garage, House, Techno UK Funky, Drum n Bass, HipHop, RnB, Indie, and Funk, you can rest assured that your track will get the best professional final polish it needs.

As a result, El Stray Mastering was founded in 2019 to expand the offering outside of the respective closed music scenes, opening the opportunity to you.

The best mastering service for you.

Service is at the very top of the agenda, so ESM aims to provide the best mastering service for artists and labels, and the top mixing and mastering for your genre of music, whatever that may be. Therefore, and most importantly, El Stray isn’t happy unless you are happy, so I can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the sound of your mixed or mastered songs. ESM prides itself on returning customers.

Speak to your mastering engineer. A personal touch.

You can chat directly with your Mastering Engineer before, during and after the whole mixing and mastering process, asking any questions you need to. Keep an eye on the mastering blog as it’ll be updated with any FAQs too. If you’re unsure about anything at all I’m here to help. It’s very important that a mix engineer understands the artist too!

You’ll also get access to pre-mastering advice as added value, so work would never go ahead if there are any glaringly obvious issues which can be easily fixed in the mix. Feedback will be sent over directly via email so that you can get the best possible sound from your track. It definitely helps to have a second trained pair of ears on it.

Each mastering order placed comes with a fair number of revisions.

To reinforce the high level of service – if you require any last minute tweaks or adjustments to get a mastered sound that is tailored directly towards what you want and need in every way, that’s what you’ll get. To date, ESM has a 100% satisfaction rate!