Who is El Stray?!

Production Experience: 14 Years
Mastering Experience: 8 Years
Label Experience: 9 Years
DJ Experience: 18 Years

El Stray is an experienced mix and mastering engineer based in London, UK, with an extensive catalogue of work.

Having worked in the background for a variety of producers across many genres over recent years, El Stray Mastering was founded in 2019 to expand the offering outside of the respective closed music scenes, to open the opportunity to producers and labels such as yourself.

Why El Stray for Mastering?

The best service for mastering your music.

Service is of the very utmost importance.

    • Have constant open lines of communication with your mastering engineer if you require, rather than bigger mastering houses which can sometimes be a conveyer belt.
  1. A personal touch and added value.
    • Get access to an industry professional and understand more about the process and equipment. Furthermore, it’s very important to understand each other’s sound! Think of your mastering guy or girl as your barber ;)
    • Pre-mastering advice is supplied on mixes where there are core issues that cannot be fixed in the master, included in the price.

The safest choice of mastering engineer. Guaranteed.

  1. Each mastering order comes with a discretionary number of revisions.
    • You will literally be very happy with the final result. I understand that certain beatmakers might like their track a touch brighter or beefier than usual.
  2. ESM has a 100% satisfaction rate!
    • Guaranteed peace of mind, and full compatibility with all stores.

The best underground, indie and dance music specialist mixing and mastering.

  1. However ESM caters for any genre across both mixing and mastering – with full range equipment and a fully treated room, everything can be heard in detail.
  2. Many artists and labels regard El Stray as the best mastering engineer for UK Garage, best for House, for Techno, for Drum & Bass, for Bassline and testimonials can be supplied on request.
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