Hear some before/after demos of recent El Stray mixing and mastering work, with featured testimonials below.

If you’d like your mixed or mastered music, profile, or testimonial featured, we’ll be more than happy to include it. Just give us a shout.

Recent mixdowns and mastering

ESM will try to keep demo mastering material fairly up to date, but due to the sheer volume of music that passes through it’s going to be difficult to include most of it here.

Recent Testimonial

“El Stray’s mastering & mixing skills have really taken our music to the next level and he has been a key crucial component in the success of our music. We can’t recommend him enough! His attention to detail and love for the art of mixing and mastering will keep us coming back!”

Inner Voices EP by Panta Ray – Full mix and master by El Stray

Why choose El Stray?

  1. Service is of the very utmost importance.
    • Have constant open lines of communication with your mastering engineer if you require, rather than bigger mastering houses which can sometimes be a conveyer belt.
  2. A personal touch and added value.
    • Get access to an industry professional and understand more about the process and equipment. Furthermore, it’s very important to understand each other’s sound! Think of your mastering guy or girl as your barber ;)
  3. Each mastering order comes with a discretionary number of revisions.
    • You will literally be very happy with the result.
  4. ESM has a 100% satisfaction rate!
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