Full Mix and Master

Full Mix and Master


1x Professional Full Mixdown and Master.

Masters will usually be completed within a maximum of 5 days, depending on workload.

You will receive 1x WAV file and 1x MP3 with this purchase.

Please reach out with any further specific requests or information i.e. multiple variations (e.g. instrumental and vocal), as well as the desired loudness requirements. Additional versions will be costed at £5.00 each, or free under discretion providing the difference in the mix is not substantial.

For 3 or more masters in one purchase, please reach out for a discount.

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1x Professional Full Mixdown and Master.

Please email us or SEE HERE for export guidelines and best practice. Typically, you will need to share 24bit WAVs with nothing on the master channel, peaking no higher than -6dB. 96k is preferred but of course, 44.1k is also acceptable.

Masters will be delivered digitally via WeTransfer or Dropbox link upon completion. If for any reason the rare circumstance arises that you are not happy with the sound of the master, then neither are we. We include (at our discretion) a number of alternative versions or edits with all our masters.

Please deliver your pre-master to us via email (d at elstraymastering.com) after placing your order.



Additional information

Desired Level

Streaming Only Low (-14LUFS), Dynamic Moderate (-12 to -10 LUFS), Club Loud (-9 LUFS), Commercial Pop Very Loud (-8 LUFS), 3+ Master Discounted, Let The Mastering Engineer Decide!


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