All of the audio equipment is ultra high end mastering grade…

ESM studio is powered by


The mixing room is treated with ISO ACOUSTICS, GIK ACOUSTICS and custom made panels by CUTSWIFT CARPENTRY to get the best possible sound from the equipment.
Dutch & Dutch studio monitors are mounted on custom mass-loaded professional speaker stands, filled with inert resonance dampening material. Made by CUSTOM DESIGN.
Close-up of Prism Lyra 2
Prism Sound is renowned in the mastering industry for their ultra-clear, super-deep sound. Access every detail.

A quality soundcard (or DAC / ADA) is absolutely paramount to extracting the very best sound from your system. Many people underestimate the importance of a good interface and can often be the largest bottleneck in your sound quality – at the end of the day, this is what you are listening to.

Dutch & Dutch 8c full range studio monitors extend from below 30hz to over 20khz, with an unbelievable +/-0.5dB frequency response from 35Hz to 20k for truly accurate audio reproduction.

Unrivalled industry-leading accuracy, and room-removal technology allows ESM to hear only your track, and not the room.

Focal Clear Professional monitoring headphones.

Headphones are used as an alternative reference but also for “zooming in” on aspects of a mix. They are also great for sense checking phasing and stereo spread when mixing down, to ensure complete headphone compatibility. In extreme cases where there are cracks, pops or glitches in a track, these are much easier to detect on a pair of headphones.

On your tracks, I work with no less than high end mastering-grade studio monitoring, ADAs and equipment to guarantee squeezing the best quality sound from your tracks as possible.

I (El Stray) specialise in mixing and mastering underground dance music, but can comfortably cater to near enough any genre, and have invested heavily in the skills, experience, and tools to do so.

If you’re looking for Techno mastering, House mastering, Garage mastering, Drum n Bass mastering, Hip-Hop mastering, LoFi mastering or any kind of Soul, Funk, Jazz, or Live Band mixing and mastering – whatever it may be, I’ve got you covered!

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