• Drop us a line if you have any questions before proceeding.

  • Place an order via the online mastering selection shop.

  • Send your tracks or stems to El Stray using Dropbox, Wetransfer or Google Drive.

  • Learn how to prepare and export your stems or stereo file correctly to get the best possible sound from the mastering process.

  • El Stray will work on your master and deliver your polished and finalised track within 5 working days*

  • Your masters will be delivered back to you via Dropbox or WeTransfer with an email confirmation.

  • 95% of the time masters are perfect for clients first time around, but at this point you will have the opportunity to request any amends or tweaks.

*Currently 5 working days but may vary both up and down slightly depending on workload queue.

An express mastering service is available at an additional cost, enquire for more info on this.

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