Are you a musician, producer, or audio engineer who wants to take your mixing skills to the next level? If so, our in-depth audio mixing masterclasses are the perfect solution for you.

Our mixing or mastering classes are led remotely by an experienced mix engineer, who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share. In our classes, we provide a comprehensive, in-depth education in the art and science of mixing, covering a wide range of topics, including mixing techniques, signal flow, EQ, compression, and more.

Our masterclasses are designed to be interactive and hands-on, so that you can learn by doing, and develop your own unique approach to mixing. We provide individualised instruction and guidance to each student, based on their unique needs and goals. And we offer a range of resources, including audio examples, live streamed tutorials, and recommended reference tracks, so that you can continue to learn and improve even after the class is over.

In addition to the technical aspects of mixing, we also place a strong emphasis on the artistic and creative aspects of the process. We believe that mixing is an art, and that each mix should be unique and expressive. We encourage our students to think outside the box, and to experiment with different sounds, effects, and processing techniques in order to create their own signature sound.

Our masterclasses are structured around a series of lessons, each of which covers a specific topic or technique. We start with the fundamentals, and we gradually build up to more advanced concepts, so that each student can learn at their own pace. And we offer a variety of different class formats, to suit the needs and schedules of our students.

Get in touch today if you’re interested in learning how to improve your mixing game, or are looking to enter the mysterious art of mastering.

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